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Looking beautiful is the natural desire of everyone regardless of their age and sex. People always seem crazy about finding revolutionary ways to look beautiful and gorgeous.

5 Top Bollywood Celebrity Makeup Looks And How To Get It Right

Kareena kapoor

Ever tried to copy your favourite celebrity’s makeup look but failed in the attempt? We’ve all been there! Compiled from Yahoo Style!, celebrity makeup artist Puja Taluja helps decode the trademark makeup looks of five leading ladies of Bollywood and how to replicate their looks. Deepika Padukone “Deepika is blessed with a gorgeous face cut and over the years she …

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Home remedy to get a fairer skin

remedy to get a fairer skin

Fair complexion is considered to be a trait of beauty in Asia. People try different chemical-mixed cosmetic creams to look light skinned, which can have some bad side effects. In ARY Digital’s Good Morning Pakistan, Beauty Scientist / Naturopath Dr Umme Raheel revealed a homemade / herbal remedy to get a fair complexion with no side effects. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon …

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Homemade Lemon and Honey Face Mask Recipe

Homemade Lemon and Honey Face Mask

Honey is rich in many essential minerals and vitamins like zinc, potassium, riboflavin(vitamin B2), folic acid (vitamin B9), etc. that are required for our skin’s health. Lemon exfoliates the skin and is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant needed to fade spots and lighten the skin tone. To prepare a face mask with these, mix 2 tbsp of honey with …

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