PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day Two

Iman Ali sets the ramp aflame on Pakistan Fashion Week Day two

The second day of PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week (PSFW) witnessed designers’ showcasing diversity of new concepts, fresh cuts and different inspirations. However, while some collections were more wearable, others were not practical at all and seemed to be creations made just for the runway. Creativity, glamour and conventional designs are a common phenomenon at fashion weeks but we appreciated how Amir Adnan, Saira Rizwan, Faiza Saqlain focused more on wear-ability. Also, somethings that left us majorly bored were the same hairdos and makeup on both days.

Here’s a rundown of who showed what on day two.

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Faiza Saqlain

Collection: Dreamer

Iman Ali

Faiza’s collection was an ode to her children, drawing inspiration from the innocent imagination of little ones. The line is a manifestation of the fantastical journey where the designer lives a life which is full of fantasies and small surprises; a life filled with candies, carousels, unicorns and glitter. Dreamer comprised embellished culottes, tailored sheer jackets and long gowns in georgette, raw silk and tissue. Customised tassel earrings and clutches made added impact. Model Iman Ali turned heads as she walked the ramp in a lime green showstopper gown.

Amir Adnan

Collection: Revisiting Heritage

Amir Adnan Collection "Revisiting Heritage"

His offerings were reminiscent of formal wedding outfits of the past. The ensembles incorporated embroideries, classical craftsmanship and silhouettes that hint at the style and suave of yesteryears. Adnan paid homage to age-old rich values and traditions following cuts and styles that suit the modern man’s persona even today. The colour scheme started off with bold shades of saffron and transitioned to neutral shades such as ivory, charcoal and olive as the show progressed. Sherwanis and waistcoats dominated in the collection.

Shiza Hasan

Collection: Lolita

Shiza Hasan  Collection: Lolita

The collection was based on a style movement that came about in Japan in the 70’s, with an East meets West theme and radical art inspiration. The collection was influenced by Victorian Japanese elements where Hasan translated traditional culture and crafts into contemporary form. Embroidered trousers, heavily embellished jackets in organza and digital prints on pure silk were part of the collection. The cast of Chalay Thay Sath closed Hasan’s show.

Saira Rizwan

Collection: Summer of Love

Saira Rizwan  Collection: Summer of Love

The collection was inspired by the literary movement Beat Generation from the 1950s and 1960’s, which sent out a message celebrating peace and love over war. The main fabric used was lawn. Rizwan used a lot of frills and fringes over tops, trousers and summer jackets. The colour palette comprised summery shades such as yellow, blue, red, black and white. The showcase channeled the chic vibe prevalent currently on global runways.

Tena Durrani

Collection: The Debut- Alchemy

Tena Durrani  Collection: The Debut- Alchemy

The designer showed her first contemporary collection, The Debut, earlier this year in Karachi. Her showcase at PSFW was a progression from the surreal romanticism of The Debut towards a more bold, gold and noir aesthetic. Skimming gowns, structured dresses and bustier and hip hugging skirts were seen throughout the collection. While Tena’s designs are a staple for red carpet events, she needs to come up with a style, which is uniquely hers.

Cross Stitch

Collection: Holographic Memory

Cross Stitch  Collection: Holographic Memory

The brand’s debut collection for PSFW experimented with opulent fabrics and slinky sequined embellishments. The offerings consisted of solid colours such as blue, green, yellow and purple. We feel the collared jackets, ruffled pants, trail dresses, trousers with zips and contrasting patches didn’t do justice to the collection. We get that cropped tops and sheer tunics are in fashion nowadays but why not take them a notch up? Wish the brand had chosen better outfits.


Collection: Totem

Sapphire  Collection: Totem

The coveted high-street retail brand introduced its pret line with this collection. The creations were inspired from oriental art elements and narrative paintings featuring a number of endearing spirit animals such as tigers, phoenixes and eagles. Over-sized jackets, off-shoulder frilled tops and flared pants in varying lengths were spotted in shades of blue, mustard and khaki.


Collection: Untitled collection

Cynosure  Collection: Untitled collection

Cynosure created a collection, which mainly consisted of asymmetrical cuts, trail dresses, plaid and stripped pants on black, grey and white fabrics. The only saving grace for the showcase was Resham walking as a showstopper in an embroidered monochrome ensemble. The high street brand has been a favourite for quite some time now and should have created a more wearable collection for consumers.

Ethnic by Outfitters

Collection: Denim Patched-Up

Ethnic by Outfitters  Collection: Denim Patched-Up

Ethnic creations involved a creative use of unconventional patterns and cuts. The collection had a fabulous element of fun and models walked in a kaleidoscopic of colours. Bright blue, orange, red and black were interspersed with white on most of the outfits. Denim trousers, graphic tee’s and embroidered jackets made a mark on the ramp.

March by Ali Merchant

Collection: Inaugration

March by Ali Merchant  Collection: Inaugration

The collection was inspired by sea foam, loud mascara and jazz music. It constituted large swathes of denim, giving the ensemble a broad appeal. Inauguration aimed to showcase the diversity of denim and its different uses with a purpose to highlight the fabulous craft of denim-washing across Pakistan. Swirling capes, flouncy dresses, denim jackets satin tunics and high-waisted pants with cropped tops completed the collection. Staying true to denim, the colour palette included hues of blue with hints of black, gold and silver in the trims and accessories.

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