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khaadi Winter khadar
khaadi Winter khadar 2015-2016

khaadi Winter Khaddar Collection 2015

This collection is designed around a theme that makes it different from the others. There are quite many themes this season that will inspire you and make you look stylish when you wear those. There’s been lot of focus around floral prints for winter season. Then there are beautiful patterns that look bold. Tribal accents take you back to the folk and Heritage prints connect you to basics. There is also a collection titled Prints of Persia that is inspired by Persian culture. All of the themes are listed below:

Ode to Flora, Wrap Yourself in Florals, Winter Hues, Batik Prints Infused with Tribal Accents, There’s Something About Ikat, Prints of Persia, A Frenzy of Patterns, Looking to our Heritage

All of these collections are listed below: